We reopen on Friday 8 March!

We have, in addition to the à la carte menu and the tasting menu, the "visit to the cellar and guided lunch" experience.


All our proposals contain typical local products (indicated with a number) which are also on sale in our shop.

V vegetarian dish - VV vegan dish

fresh tomini with green sauce, red sauce and honey €12 V
sliced veal with tuna sauce with hazelnut €14
aromatic, sweet and sour vegetables 13€ VV
two-tone flan with sheep's blue fondue €12 V
roasted pepper with gentle bagna cauda €12
galantina with green sauce and sweet and sour carrots €14
Barolo seasoned prosciutto with buffalo camembert €16
potato gnocchi with beef and pork ragout €15
aubergine turret with aged bûche de chèvre €15 V / VV
sausage cooked in Barolo wine with seasonal vegetables €18
baked sejrass ricotta with herbs and side dish €15 V
pumpkin chocolate cream with brownie crumbs €7 V
apple cake with fiordilatte ice cream €7 V

TRADITIONAL MENU €42.00 per person:

choice of three dishes from the menu plus a choice of dessert
the menu cannot be shared - drinks excluded

then we have experiences such as the visit to the cellar with lunch which has this menu:

MENU delle DEGUSTAZIONI con visita in cantina 

the menu may vary, here we give an example of this season's dishes

1st Raschera cheesecake on sbrisolona with tonda gentile hazelnuts from the Langhe and Fassona tartare cube
2nd white lasagna with fresh goat cheese and garden herbs
3rd Barolo sausage on potato cream
Dessert: Creamy spiced chocolate with brownie crumbs

It is possible to request a vegetarian or vegan variant, it is also possible to report intolerances or allergies



In general they are all typical dishes slightly revisited by us with a search for ancient dishes from family recipes.
As well as meat dishes which often saw the preparation of terrines and pies, truly tasty but somewhat forgotten today.
Obviously the vegetables are those from our garden to savor the best of our production!

For more details Stay tuned!