The Forest of Flying Hens is the answer to the need for a new model of farm.

We experience in our FOOD-FOREST agroecology techniques such as Synergistic Agriculture also called agriculture of not doing, in the sense that, aware of what is happening in the soil, we try to respect those interconnections so complex and delicate that we are learning to know and only decrypt with the latest scientific research, then do not means not alter and not force.

The revolution is not to plow, not tilling the soil and do not fertilize! We assume that we do not use pesticides but careful intercropping between plants and at least a few decoction.

We want to be a field of research through collaboration with colleges and universities to find those interconnections and synergies between plants and between plants and animals with the aim of developing an ecosystem that keeps itself in balance, this is the challenge: to develop resilient models. Create a new "template" to apply to the many small farms that make up a very important territorial heritage, the production of excellence and creation of tourism.

The fruits of this FOOD-FOREST follow the short chain being mostly processed and sold directly in the farm, thus meeting the new market demands: Km0, ecology, sustainability, social.

Who will be in our agriturismo, children who visit the garden or taste our agri-snack, who will participate in our courses, who will taste our products will have imprinted deep this sense of interconnection with all things and, hopefully, will lead to home a little 'more than respect for any thing or person, plant or animal because, in one way or another is connected to us.