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Festive atmosphere



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  Newsletter 15 Febbraio 2024  

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Ciao ,

As every year, the Christmas season arrives and we of the Wood of Flying Hens want to wish you a happy Christmas in company. The important thing is to enjoy a little lightheartedness, as children rightly do. Because we are always on the run, everything is so hectic and we never have time for a break. Is it not possible, at least once, to try not to think about how one must behave, in one's own image, in the movements that are too much in plaster that we are forced to do? So we wish you a break, a relaxing break that will give you relief for a few days, that will make you come back a bit children and that could shake off the usual things that adults have to do. Try not to think too much, that is. And let yourself go: you will get benefits for your mind from this.

And then we have good news: after these winter holidays, in spring, when everything is ready in our shop, you can come and visit us ... we will not let you down! Also you are still in time to give a visit and tasting experience as present for Christmas, for info take a look here: https://www.casasvizzera.com/index.php/en/taste

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

The Team of the Wood of Flying Hens and of Casa Svizzera Agritourism

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